B4B Running Belt

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ADJUSTABLE WAIST PACK. Fits men and women 23" - 42".

WE ARE RUNNERS. And we love running accessories. So we designed our own. That's right - a workout accessory that actually works. Sold by real people that care.

NO BOUNCE: It’s the little things that matter. Who wants a bulky money belt? You'll love the snug fit for your iPhone 6, 7, 8, X (including Plus sizes), or Samsung Galaxy so it doesn't bounce, material that’s soft, stretchy and comfortable, a buckle that doesn’t move, pinch or lose its stretch, the right thickness so your phone rests comfortably on your back, hip, or stomach. 

HANDS FREE: Use for walking, jogging, any type of sport, exercise, or activity. Bring it to a concert, when you travel, on a walk, or to the gym.

DUAL POUCH: Fits your phone in the larger pocket, key and credit cards in the smaller pocket.