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  • GREAT PRICE: Normally sold in medical offices for $29, we offer the best price available for the DDS-1 strain probiotics supplement available with FREE SHIPPING. Just order here and Amazon does the rest.
  • EFFECTIVE. Clinically proven to improve digestion, our complete probiotics support the immune system, and support weight loss.
  • QUALITY. Our probiotics supplement formula has the premium strain called DDS-1 that took 50 years to perfect. Generic strains can't compare.
  • PROVEN. We've been helping thousands of people for decades regain digestive and immune wellness with our complete probiotics.

Your search for the the family's probiotics supplement is finally over. Our satisfied customers agree that their digestion is better when taking B4B Probiotics. And better digestion helps your weight loss efforts.

This complete probiotics formulation was uniquely developed and perfected by PhD teams at the University of Nebraska's Department of Dairy Science in the 1950's. The internationally-recognized and awarded team tested DDS-1 for over 50 years to prove in clinical studies published in medical journals that these probiotics survive and thrive.

The formulation of 2.5 Billion CFU per capsule of L. acidophilus and B. bifidum have better clinically proven results than formulations with multiple strains and much higher CFU counts. Oncologists recommend our formulation due to new medical studies. Ask your doctor.

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