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Dr. David Brownstein, MD has led a revolutionary look at the need to supplement with iodine. His guidance on how to improve chronic health issues with iodine supplementation has helped thousands of people get better. And the testimonies are truly exciting!

Dr. Brownstein recommends working up to approximately 12-13 mg of iodine per day (or 4-5 drops of our B4B Lugol's Iodine 2% Solution.)

"Working up to" higher doses of iodine means that you go slowly. Start with 1-2 drops/day for two weeks. If there are no "detox" symptoms (like a runny nose or headaches), then go to 3 drops/day for two weeks and so on. Your intervals of time can be more or less than two weeks. Go at a pace that feels right for you.

Dr. Brownstein's iodine protocol helps people build up to as much as 50 - 100 mg/day of iodine depending on the individual and their health issues. The protocol recommends additional supplements such as selenium, magnesium, and Vitamin B2/3, vitamin C, and unrefined salt. (Note that unrefined salt is a very important modification to make to your diet.)

The iodine protocol can be managed with the assistance of an experienced iodine practitioner. Many individuals do the protocol on their own.

Dr. Brownstein explains:

  • why most doctors and patients are not fully informed about iodine deficiency;
  • why most people have health issues caused by iodine deficiency;
  • why iodine is so critical to prevent the top forms of cancer; and much more.


For a video overview of why you need iodine, watch Dr. Brownstein on YouTube:

For a quick read that answers all your iodine questions, read Lynne Farrow:

For a more detailed understanding of iodine, read Dr. Brownstein's book:

For an explanation on why it's important to know about using good salt:


Experts suggest that most people are sulfur deficient and should consider supplementing "MSM" (MethlySulphonylMethane). Natural sources for sulfur are such things as organic eggs, garlic, or grass fed meats, but due to modern diet and farming methods, it's hard to get enough sulfur naturally.

There are different forms of MSM supplementation. Many people are familiar with MSM pills. Our experts consider MSM pills to be inferior due to the chemicals needed to manufacture pills. MSM sold as pills contain less sulfur than pure organic sulfur. They contain contaminants from manufacturing such as methly cellulose and silicon dioxide, both of which are toxic and block the efficacy of sulfur to the body. Our experts focus on the quality of the manufacturing process and testing to assure purity in the final product. The "debate" about the size and form of the powder or crystal, as well as the process of distillation versus crystallization tend to be mostly marketing hype in our opinion.

For books found on Amazon on MSM:

The Miracle of MSM – The Natural Solution For Pain, by Stanley W. Jabob, M.D., Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., and Martin Zucker

MSM – The Definitive Guide, by Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., F.A.C.S. and Jeremy Appleton, N.D.

The Power of MSM, by Dr. Earl Mindell

MSM and Mineral Ascorbates (The True Vitamin C)(a pamphlet), by Beth M. Ley Jacobs, PhD

MSM: On Our Way Back To Health with Sulfur.,by Beth M. Ley Jacobs, PhD

Methyl Magic – Maximum Health Through Methylation, by Craig Cooney, Ph.D. with Bill Lawren

For online reading on the importance of MSM protocols in cancer treatment:

For additional reasons why sulfur is considered important, note the connection between organic sulfur's ability to transport oxygen into the cells and the Nobel prize winning research that cancer cells develop in an low oxygen environments. This implies that supplementing sulfur and oxygenating your cells is a great form of preventative health.

This article connects the use of sulfur as a way to transport oxygen to the cells:

Bottom line, the natural health field looks at things like ph balance of the body and promoting a high oxygen environment in the body to deter cancer cell growth. There is a lot more information on these topics to consider in your further research.



DDS-1 PhD Development Team

In the 1950’s, a distinguished group of scientists began researching and developing probiotic strains that would prove to be the most powerful and stable formulation available on the market today.

Through the University of Nebraska’s Department of Dairy Science, the team named their internationally recognized Lactobacillius acidophilus strain DDS-1, which stands for the Department of Dairy Science’s name. They performed decades of research to isolate, develop and optimize what is now referred to as the finest flora ever produced.

The PhD team responsible for this work is widely regarded as some of the world’s leading authorities on the role of Lactobacilli and gastrointestinal bacteria. Their work has been published in hundreds of peer reviewed scientific articles related to microorganisms and health.

DDS-1 Strain Strength

Just because a strain survives the gut doesn’t mean the probiotic strain is able to implant itself and multiply rapidly in the gut to avoid being eliminated completely. In order for this to happen, the bacteria have to attach to the mucosal surface of the intestine, and the immune system must not reject the bacteria once it has attached. The DDS-1 research team found that the culture must be isolated from a human source in order for this to best occur.1 This unique aspect of the strain’s research and development process gives it superior strength.

DDS-1 Strain Resiliency

In order for a strain to have any benefit in a supplement, it must clinically demonstrate strong resilience. The DDS-1 strain of acidophilus has been clinically developed and tested to survive in temperatures that kill many other strains. It is also demonstrates an ability to resist bile salts in the intestine, which are secreted by the body during digestion to emulsify fats. Bile salts break down the fatty cell membranes of most strains rendering them completely ineffective. While countless probiotic supplement companies claim their strains “survive stomach acids,” the clinical testing of DDS-1 acidophilus has proven to have superior resiliency far beyond just surviving stomach acids.2

DDS-1 Strain Stability

The specialized manufacturing process of the original DDS-1 strain uses unique, natural probiotic stabilizers. In other words, the stability of any probiotic formula is very dependent on the manufacturing process. Many probiotic products do not sustain potency due to their instability. That is why B4B Probiotics has patented and protected manufacturing processes.

DDS-1 Strain Comparisons

For over 20 years, the PhD teams tested over 200 acidophilus consumer products. 70 to 80 percent of the samples did not hold up to their claims, while 50 percent had less than 10 percent of the number microorgansims at the time of manufacture. This dramatic drop in efficacy is due to the way the microorganisms are prepared. These observations were also confirmed in at least two scientific journals published by independent microbiologists who reported similar results.3

Footnotes to information on DDS-1

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Publications of Important Note

A leading member of the PhD team that developed the DDS-1 strain published eighty scientific articles specifically on probiotics and lactic cultures that were published in peer-reviewed medical journals. There is also a book available to consumers.

For the book on DDS-1 written for consumers:


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