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OUR STORY - Beating cancer naturally.

Hi, I'm Julie.  I admit, I wasn't always into "natural health."

I tried different routines - but nothing stuck.  I had a cabinet full of half used bottles of stuff to prove it.  I guess … I wanted a quick fix.    

That approach changed for me in 2006.  I was 39.  I had gone in for tests because there was a lump on my lower left abdomen – that I’d been ignoring.

I was in my doctor’s office, knowing I was about to hear bad news by the way he gestured for me to sit in the cushioned chair across from him …

He got right to the point………     It was cancer.

I was sitting there thinking, “This …can’t ….be happening…”

I didn’t hear much else of what he was saying.  Instead, I found myself staring at his bushy eyebrows moving up and down on his face while he spoke.

My spleen was the size of a nerf football.   The cancer was everywhere in my body – in my blood, bones and organs.  It was stage 4 non Hodgkins lymphoma.

Surgery wasn’t an option.  I needed to start chemotherapy – immediately.  

To be honest, the thought of chemo freaked me out.   I was dragging my heels about getting started.

That’s when I had another unexpected situation on my hands.

There, on my bathroom counter, was a white plastic stick with a red stripe marking “yes.” I was…pregnant(????)

Words can’t describe to you how confusing it felt to have both a tumor and a baby growing in my body.

A few days later, I brought my pregnant, cancer-filled body back to the doctor’s office.  He walked in, I gestured for him to sit down.  I stared determinedly at his bushy eyebrows and I told him that I was pregnant.

He didn’t respond right away. I waited.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so alone.  

He spoke in a flat voice  -  not the same one as last time.

“Chemotherapy drugs are too severe for a fetus.  Either you or the baby won’t make it through this,” he said. As your doctor, I advise you to terminate your pregnancy and fight for your life.

His words hung in the air.  I will never forget that moment for as long as I live.

The conversation had come to an awkward end. I got up from my chair, gave him my best smile and said goodbye.

I knew deep inside that I was having my baby. I think he knew it too.

Going against what the doctors say is absolutely terrifying. If you’re jumping out of a plane you wear a parachute. If you get cancer, you do what all the doctors say…   

I saw 5 more doctors and they all agreed with the first.  

Finally, the sixth doctor understood my faith and agreed to help me try to get through my pregnancy… naturally.

Cleanse. Nourish. Balance.  These natural health principles became very important daily health routines in my life.  And this time - I had good reason to stick to them. It was life o rdeath for me and my baby.

I’ll never forget the day baby Isabella Rose was born.

It was night time, things were finally quiet.  I sat there holding my baby that the doctors said was impossible. ….

I felt more alive and hopeful than I have ever felt.

I knew I was "OK." I was empowered.  My health was (literally!) in my hands.  

That incredible feeling was even better than three years later when Dr. Bushy Brows gave me one of his rare smiles and told me I was cancer free.

Natural health really works.  But it takes time.  And commitment.

No matter what you face – migraines, IBS, weight gain, anxiety

There’s no magic pill.  

There are daily routines.

That matter.

A lot.

Well, that’s our story. Thanks for reading about it  :)