B4B Lugol's Iodine

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Product Description

  • GREAT PRICE: This iodine supplement sells in medical offices for $38.99. We offer it direct for less and SHIP FREE. Regular customers are thrilled with this offer! Order here and we have Amazon fulfillment get it to your door.
  • EFFECTIVE: Our iodine supplement is the best for health benefits and supporting thyroid gland function. Helps prevent iodine deficiency.
  • QUALITY: Pristine iodine mined, prilled, and imported. Not from kelp, a lower cost source with toxicity concerns.
  • PROVEN: USP/ACS/EP Pharmaceutical Grade. GMP Manufactured. NPN licensed in Canada.

Until today, finding quality iodine supplements was almost impossible. With hundreds of sellers using unclear practices, a tremendous amount of research and risk was typically required on the part of the consumer.

This isn’t the case when buying our iodine supplements. Our Lugol's Solution is legally authorized for human consumption. It comes with an expiration date. Other sellers use legal disclaimers instead such as "offered as a talisman only," and don't disclose their source of iodine.

We believe we’re selling the best iodine supplement, and stand with confidence behind every drop of solution in every bottle we produce because it has been procured and manufactured with the most rigorous international pharmaceutical standards.

Our iodine supplements for thyroid health originate from the Atacama Salt Desert in northern Chile, where the largest, pristine reserves of the highest quality iodine on earth are found. This means you can expect the highest benefits from our iodine supplement.

This Chilean iodine is extremely rare and difficult to import, and comes in a "prilled" form, shaped like small little balls. The Potassium iodide is safely and properly compounded in North America, not imported from China, Japan, or Russia. If you’re looking to boost thyroid function, don’t settle for less anything but the best iodine supplement on the market.

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