Three Easy Ways to Avoid Holiday Bloating

Everyone eats too much at the holidays.  It's unavoidable.  And fun!  So let's focus on what we can do to minimize the suffering with 3 easy ways:

1 - Don't stop eating fresh fruits and vegetables.  Keep them going even if its pie and salad.

2 - Take extra probiotics.  They help digest your food, reduce bloating, and keep things moving.  

3 - Make an extra effort to drink more water or kick it up a notch and add some coconut water to your water glass for the extra hydrating effect.  Sure, the holiday egg nog or bottle of wine is a must for festivities!  But alcohol and sweets are dehydrating.  And the more dehydrated you feel, the less you are "thirsty" so you really have to focus on it.

Honestly, if you just load up on tons of probiotics, you'll keep your body functioning well enough to not suffer the extremes.  As long as you're eliminating normally, you shouldn't have too much trouble with craving good foods and water.  It's as if when things stop digestively speaking, that it all goes haywire.  I take 3 in the morning and 3 at night during the holdiays.  And after a binge, I take an extra three in case.  I load up, feel great, and keep eating.  Sure, I put on some pounds.  But I don't suffer the painful bloating and misery while it happens.  So my advise  - 'tis the season for extra probiotics!!