Afraid of Fruit? Read "Medical Medium" by Anthony Williams

I admit, I became afraid of fruit. Did you?  Fruit has sugar and sugar = bad.  Then recently, I got a fresh perspective on fruit.  I read "Medical Medium," by Anthony Williams. He keeps it simple: eat lots of fruit all the time. How exciting!  

So what's all the fuss about fruit? 

Americans are eating less fruit and national sales of fruit are down. Diet experts caution against eating too much fruit, certain kinds of fruit, or even times of day and in what combination with other foods. Ugh!  Who can keep track?

The people with medical concerns are told a whole other set of things about fruit.  Some of it is useful.  For example, it's important to understand that fruit juice has no value.  It's sugar water. It's not fresh fruit. But for the most part, when it comes to advise about eating fresh fruit, there is definitely an anti-fruit sentiment. For example, when I was on a strict diet during my effort to beat cancer naturally, my national institute of naturopathic doctors did not allow fruit in my anti-cancer diet at all.  After a year of no fruit I was allowed a cup of blueberries a week. Who knew why exactly? All this kind of health advise adds up to fruit fear.  

I think it's safe to say that we all have heard this anti-fruit sentiment in some form.

Fruit fear abounds.

I found it so refreshing to read the book by Anthony Williams, "Medical Medium" and hear his take on eating fruit. It's pure goodness. It's from God's garden.  The Bible mentions fruit 300 times.  Fruit has a spiritual value to our soul as much as a nutritional value to our body.

Bottom line?  He advises: eat as much as you want. Fill your body with fresh, raw fruits and vegetables all day every day and consider anything else much harder for your body to digest.

So I tried it.  Wow!  And my kids tried it too.  A flu season and not one kid got sick! Our house is full of fruit bowls.  I keep fresh cut fruits and vegetables in the fridge to grab on the go or throw in a smoothie. It feels different when your house is full of live, fresh, ready to eat food grown just as God intended. It's energizing.  And easy. 

It's not a fancy diet plan.  It's just fruit. 

I highly recommend you get the book on Amazon, grab a fresh apple and bite into both.