7 Surprising Ways Organic Sulfur Can Benefit Your Health

When most people hear the word “sulfur” their nose wrinkles involuntarily.

Why? Because for most people, the only experience they have with sulfur is the smell of natural gas or the gas that arrives upon the scene after eating too many eggs.

Well here at Basics 4 Balance, we’re dedicated to educating people about the benefits of organic sulfur as a supplement in their daily life. No foul odor required!

Keep reading to learn some of the health benefits that may be gained by adding our organic sulfur supplement to your diet.

Our Sulfur Supplements Can Help With...

  1. Amino Acids - Sulfur is abundant in the body, and one of the reasons it’s so necessary is that it helps your body create amino acids. Without amino acids, the cells, tissues, hormones, enzymes, and antibodies you depend on for life would be impossible to produce.
  2. Insulin Production - By producing insulin, your pancreas is able to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, which enables your body to better absorb nutrients from the blood. Without proper insulin production, it’s easy to develop blood sugar problems that can lead to more serious health complications.
  3. Detoxification - An adequate amount of sulfur in the body develops stronger, more breathable cell walls which allows your cells to let go of toxins more efficiently. Without an organic sulfur supplement, your cells could literally be suffocating to death!
  4. Pain Relief - There are many painful, inflammatory conditions that can be traced back to “suffocating” or “swollen” cells. All the more reason to add organic sulfur to your diet.
  5. Arterial Health - In addition to healthier cells, taking an organic sulfur supplement can also help you develop healthier arteries. As we age, the threat of “hard” or “clogged” arteries becomes more tangible. Organic sulfur encourages flexibility in the arteries so oxygen and nutrients can pass through the system more easily.
  6. Skin & Hair Health - Want beautiful, glossy, voluminous hair? Add organic sulfur to your daily routine! Your body needs an adequate amount of sulfur in order to produce collagen for healthy skin and hair.
  7. Allergy Relief - Do you suffer from seasonal or food related allergies? Taking an organic sulfur supplement may be able to help. MSM sulfur helps to bind mucous membranes that form a natural barrier against allergens, and may act as a histamine inhibitor.
Experience the benefits of organic MSM sulfur supplements in your own life! Order your organic sulfur from Basics 4 Balance today or contact us with any questions you may have!