Making Your B4B Morning Cocktail

I love the word cocktail.  It sounds so classy.  That's not exactly how you feel first thing in the morning.  But you want to start your day right.  So it's time to make your B4B Cocktail!

Take about 2 ounces of filtered water.  Room temperature.  Take your B4B Lugol's Iodine Solution.  Drop in however many drops you've "worked up to."  For some people that's 1-2 drops, for others it's 10 or more.  

Then add in your heaping teaspoon of B4B Sulfur.  

WAIT!  Don't forget to add the flavor that makes this cocktail so deliciously drinkable.  For some, it's a fresh squeezed lemon or lime.  For others, it's apple cider vinegar.  And for the sweeter tooth, it may be honey, or natural cane sugar.

Stir it up so the crystals dissolve in the water.  Then SHOOT it back like a shot!  

It's best when you shoot it because sulfur is bitter.  But it's worth it.  Wait til you see your beautiful anti-aging effect on your face, your hair skin and nails, your energy, and yes, your libido.  (So maybe it's back to bed.)

It's not a sipping cocktail.  It's not even a tasty one.  

But health and beauty from the inside out?  That's classy.