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Very satisfied! I've been using the B4B probiotics for 3 weeks. I noticed an impact on digestion almost immediately - less bloating and it helps with the stomach irritation and digestion problems I had. My skin looks clearer (fewer breakouts on face and back), and has a dewy, healthy glow. I take 3 capsules/day with meals, and I drink plenty of water throughout the day. I bought an extra bottle for my mother, who is also very happy with the product. I'll definitely be keeping this product as part of my daily supplement regimen.- Amanda

B4B Probiotics are the best! I have taken many other probiotics over the years and felt a little better however there were inconsistencies on how I felt. As a kid I suffered a lot with allergy issues to molds and dust which meant living on antibiotics. As I got older I developed IBS symptoms (stomach issues to sum it up). When I turned to probiotics, I started journaling how I felt and my diet etc. Low and behold I was finally down the right path. B4B nailed the right combination of probiotics for me. I can't express enough how great I feel! - Robert

This is the only Iodine Supplement I would buy for a couple of reasons. Number 1, the Iodine Protocol, "The Guide to Supplementing with Iodine," by Stephanie Buist, ND, HC, indicates that this is the best form of iodine (Lugol's). More importantly is the integrity and knowledge of Basics 4 Balance co-founder, Julie Ciulla. I am in the throes of cancer myself and I could not have asked for a better person to help guide me through all the information out there. - Duke

Could you be deficient?First let me start by saying that as I move deeper and deeper towards optimal health, Basics4Balance is a brand I trust to bring me the best sources and proper forms. I researched Iodine protocols and found that the leading doctor on the subject recommended and linked to Basics4Balance Lugol's. This brand offers good information and education. I appreciate their approach to health.-Amazon Customer

Another Wonderful Product from B4B!I love this company! Mainly because Julie is so accessible as a knowledgeable resource and because she is dedicated to researching and sourcing clean, potent products. I wasn't sure what to expect from the Sulfur. But, after reading about the benefits and actually experiencing this product, which I've purchased from B4B, I'm now a huge fan. My skin feels softer and more supple and as a person healing myself of NH Lymphoma, I love the oxygenating effect of the sulfur. I'm taking it with Vitamin C and love it. Sulfur is now a permanent part of my health regimen and I feel B4B provides me with the highest quality organic Sulfur available. Easy to take too.- Duke O'Neil

So far it's been a week and she's feeling great.My wife has suffered from an underactive thyroid for years with an iodine deficiency. So a couple years ago she started to take iodine every morning and evening as part of a hollistic approach to healing etc. And it was helpful. Today she started again. I found this product on amazon, and thought she should give it a chance. So far it's been a week and she's feeling great.- Juan S.

This is an easy to use iodinethis is an easy to use iodine. I had never used iodine as a supplement but now, I am never going back. I just put a drop or 2 in my water bottle and I am good to go. This helps with so many things. I am really happy with it. It has a convenient eyedropper. I have read a lot about this and it seems to be awesome. It gives me more energy and it is great for warding off the sickness. No more flu shots for me. I have found that I am no where near as sick as I used to be. I would get a cold every few months and when it spreads around at work, I am one of the first to get it. We have gone through several strains of colds and flus and here I am unaffected by any of it. I am a believer.- Ky

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Excellent ProductI have spent years working towards my health - cleansing, clean eating, juicing, and supplementation so I consider myself somewhat of an unofficial "expert" on the subject of health. This much is clear - there is no magic pill or simple solution to wellness, but there are simple, daily choices that make a big difference, and taking your probiotics is definitely high on that list!- Claudia A. Onorato Pratson